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I have never known any Amish community that did not allow females to have the same choice regarding joining church or getting married that the men are afforded, but there might be some somewhere.

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However, their friend Samantha Played by Tracy Griffith runs an old gas station who has been dating Drew on and off due to disputes and a greedy businessman named Wrangler Bob Played by Jim Varney wants to buy out her gas station to own a burger joint which gives them a great idea and beats him to it but they are losing in the competition until Drew steals a fluid from a science lab that is actually a sex drug and uses it in their secret sauce for their burgers as more people come to their joint than ever and Wrangler Bob wants to find out what's in their sauce that makes people want to come which can get them into trouble as he sends one of his people named Dixie Love Played by Traci Lords to go and find out what's behind the mess using her lustful attitude.

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