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Thy silent influence none can tell; If these are thine, why ask for more? Dresses just make women that much more vulnerable to predation: Generally a person is not baptised just because they want it, but also because the elders feel they are ready for it. That just does not make any sense, at all. A fresh take on sports: If other people are disappointed, that's not my fault. I believe this thought process extends to what we wear, so we should dress modestly, so as not to offend.

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I have never known any Amish community that did not allow females to have the same choice regarding joining church or getting married that the men are afforded, but there might be some somewhere.

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'I didn't want to do Top Gun. It wasn't about acting, it was about being a cartoon character'

They have not been assaulted by Hollywood or corporate America or any other hucksters demented images of what men and women are supposed to be. A married Amish woman wears a dark bonnet over her prayer cap, while a married man grows a beard, which some think is as much a symbol of wedlock as wearing a ring. About six months ago I gave up my faith in man and decided to put all my faith in God, including his word. Check out the Amish girl in the middle — she is super duper lit, you can't even see her eyes! As the home is considered in some ways the center of Amish life, her role in maintaining it is highly important. The bible is not the true word of god, but the written interpretation of man.

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