Pee while having sex

Best proof is try for yourself. The release of that liquid, similar to the release of sperm in a man, is a result of intense G-spot stimulation. While it's possible to pee a little during sex, it's not as likely. One of favorite lines from my book is, "Many wo… twitter. What urine smells or looks like is pretty damn dependent on how concentrated it is, and what food and drink have recently been ingested.

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In other studies, such as Gary Schubach August

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Why might urination happen during intercourse?

UI is not a disease but a symptom of another condition or event that has happened in someone's life. I always empty my bladder before masturbating, and do often squirt. As a result, urination during sex does not often occur among men. It's common and is often confused with urine, as it feels quite similar. Several of these women were Tantra practitioners see amrita. It added a certain pressure that made it easier to release.

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pee while having sex
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pee while having sex
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